Day 10 Recovery, progress

Lyla had a good nights rest with her cone on. She’s been doing very well. Today was the last dose of clopidogrel. Throughout the day was spent in most of the house with her cone off and much supervision.

Luckily my husband was off today so we were able to also take her out onto the pool deck for about an hour.

I also placed some yoga mats and area rugs as the wood floor can be a bit slick.

I’m going to try and upload a video of her walking.


Super rare and aggressive , my Precious is a 🦄

Trying to keep it together. As I know our lil furries pick up on our moods. 3 pages of a very detailed report came in from the Pathologist. Below is copied from the summary comments☹️

While the tumor is predominantly chondroblastic there are some regions producing osteoid-like trabeculae in the center of the medullary cavity which is consistent with a chondroblastic osteosarcoma. Mitotic index is the best predictor of behavior. In this case the mitotic index is high, and therefore I suspect aggressive behavior in this tumor. Nevertheless these tumors are less aggressive than dogs. The overall metastatic rate is about 10%. 1 year survival can reach up to 50%.

Day 9 of Recovery 🤗 and some internet purchases

Lyla had a decent nights rest in the recovery room still as there are just too many dangerous obstacles throughout the house if left unsupervised. She is more herself and the Gabapentin dosage of 12hrs seems to be working fine. I don’t see any signs of pain. Sometimes her lil nub will twitch while dreaming I think.

Again, for the day I have opened the door to the rest of the home so neither of us goes stir crazy. Cone was off a lot but only when I could watch her like a hawk.

Here she is on her window perch loving it.

With all this time cooped up in the house I have done a bit of shopping for my Precious. Many recommendations from other bloggers on this site. So I’m posting a few pics with the items. All from either Chewy or Amazon with free shipping. She really needs a collar now with a bell so I can find her more easily and its a total give away when she needs an assist sometimes. Also as an indoor kitty she use to do so much climbing so I have purchase more ground chasing toys. As things get closer to next week when I won’t be supervising 24/7 I am nervous about her trying to get on top of the fridge and places like that, so hoping she will have enough other activities to keep her busy. Normally she will go on the pool deck area every morning and early evening to watch the squirrels and birds, and maybe chase a lizard or two, I may attempt this soon but it’s actually quite cold here at the moment, we’re in Florida so I’m gonna put it off for a bit.

Day 7 ~ blah & Day 8 ~ yay

Day 7 – Lyla was still quite restless and closet obsessed. To relieve her stress I took her cone off as much as possible today and did lots of brushing and cuddling. Soo much grooming. Used her litter box 3x #1 and another firm #2 around 5pm. She finally drank a lot of water around 9pm, The lack of drinking was beginning to concern me. I am hopeful we are going to have a great night tonight now that the Onsior is on its way out of her system! She did have a dose of the blood thinner Clopidogril (one more on fri). And of course Gabapentin.

Day 8 – Lyla had a very good nights rest finally. She hates the cone still ( as if this is every going to change ~ lols) and I try to remove as often as possible, but she still cannot be trusted, today she hissed at me a couple times when i stopped her from touching the stitch area, back to being the Diva I know. This morning Lyla had gabapentin at 9 AM and again at 9 PM, it will be the first day with the every 12 hour dose.

Today she ventured into some of the rest of the house and took a long nap in one of her favorite spots. One week down and one to go….man I can’t wait. She maneuvered well and cautiously getting around other areas of the house. The litter box is still quite a messy ordeal but hoping in time she will adjust.

So this whole time I have had my phone on silent mode as every little thing wakes her up so easily. I printed the schedule from the tripawds book but didn’t quite use it as intended, the med schedule was a bit overwhelming so I used it to log all the med times and then checked them off once completed. To assist with this as I was so tired sometimes I took advantage of “Alexa” and had her set alarms for me.

Day 6

A rough night without much rest. Lyla is eating well. Not drinking enough. She has been acting a bit depressed so I have been grooming her a lot and then removing the cone so she can groom…until she messes with her stitches. Had her 3rd #2 today but the first that was solid. Did some more research on Onsior and have decided this is the problem with her restlessness and depression as she was doing so much better prior to this drug usage. Of course we have already given her today’s dose so this is the end of it. She is still taking her gabapentin like a champ and the wound area looks good. She does get around quite well considering.

Luckily my job is quite flexible and I’m able to hang with her 24/7. Hoping tomorrow we see some improvement.