Day 7 ~ blah & Day 8 ~ yay

Day 7 – Lyla was still quite restless and closet obsessed. To relieve her stress I took her cone off as much as possible today and did lots of brushing and cuddling. Soo much grooming. Used her litter box 3x #1 and another firm #2 around 5pm. She finally drank a lot of water around 9pm, The lack of drinking was beginning to concern me. I am hopeful we are going to have a great night tonight now that the Onsior is on its way out of her system! She did have a dose of the blood thinner Clopidogril (one more on fri). And of course Gabapentin.

Day 8 – Lyla had a very good nights rest finally. She hates the cone still ( as if this is every going to change ~ lols) and I try to remove as often as possible, but she still cannot be trusted, today she hissed at me a couple times when i stopped her from touching the stitch area, back to being the Diva I know. This morning Lyla had gabapentin at 9 AM and again at 9 PM, it will be the first day with the every 12 hour dose.

Today she ventured into some of the rest of the house and took a long nap in one of her favorite spots. One week down and one to go….man I can’t wait. She maneuvered well and cautiously getting around other areas of the house. The litter box is still quite a messy ordeal but hoping in time she will adjust.

So this whole time I have had my phone on silent mode as every little thing wakes her up so easily. I printed the schedule from the tripawds book but didn’t quite use it as intended, the med schedule was a bit overwhelming so I used it to log all the med times and then checked them off once completed. To assist with this as I was so tired sometimes I took advantage of “Alexa” and had her set alarms for me.

2 thoughts on “Day 7 ~ blah & Day 8 ~ yay”

  1. Good job keeping that cone on so diligently. Lyla is having a good recovery because you are ON IT, and I mean everything.

    How is her drinking now? I hope she’s gotten her thirst on by now. I understand it’s quite dangerous in cats when they get dehydrated.

    I think more brushing may be the ticket to helping her feel more like herself again. She is such a pretty girl and that fur, oh boy what a gorgeous coat!

    Keep us posted on how things are going. We are cheering you on.

    1. Thank you Jerry. She is drinking much better thank goodness…I was truly freaking out a bit. This definitely is worse than her FHO recovery. Let alone I do worry about that leg now and want to take it slow.

      Lol, and I’ve brushed her more this week than the last five years 😂

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