Day 10 Recovery, progress

Lyla had a good nights rest with her cone on. She’s been doing very well. Today was the last dose of clopidogrel. Throughout the day was spent in most of the house with her cone off and much supervision.

Luckily my husband was off today so we were able to also take her out onto the pool deck for about an hour.

I also placed some yoga mats and area rugs as the wood floor can be a bit slick.

I’m going to try and upload a video of her walking.


3 thoughts on “Day 10 Recovery, progress”

  1. Lyla is absolutely stunning! She is such a beauty….and a cery, very, very well loved kitty!!

    I love her set-up for napping. Perfectly outfitted for the Queen that she is❤

    And the video really does show how unbelievably well she has already adap7 to three, ESPECIALLY this early on!!

    Lyla really is having a recovery “ahead of the curve”. “Statistically” (such a useless word!) say she should not be doing this well yet this early! Just another reminder that Lyla is a strong and determined individual….and that works in her favor!!😎

    GREAT JOB!!!!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. Ooooh I’m so glad I clicked back to this post. LOVE the photos and especially the portrait. I’m thinking you have the most beautiful cat in the world, Tripawd or not!

    As for the movie, that is pawesome to see. Just keep in mind that free Tripawds blogs have limited storage for large files like this. To save space you can upload on a video/photo sharing website and then just paste the URL into your blog post. Or you can become a Tripawds supporter and get gobs more storage space.

    Can’t wait to see more!

    1. Thank you so much for all the words of encouragement! She is quite the lil Diva, lols. We’ve been spending way too much time together, so lots of photos…can’t wait for stitch removal on Tuesday. I finally took the time to make a small donation🙌🏼

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