Day 9 of Recovery 🤗 and some internet purchases

Lyla had a decent nights rest in the recovery room still as there are just too many dangerous obstacles throughout the house if left unsupervised. She is more herself and the Gabapentin dosage of 12hrs seems to be working fine. I don’t see any signs of pain. Sometimes her lil nub will twitch while dreaming I think.

Again, for the day I have opened the door to the rest of the home so neither of us goes stir crazy. Cone was off a lot but only when I could watch her like a hawk.

Here she is on her window perch loving it.

With all this time cooped up in the house I have done a bit of shopping for my Precious. Many recommendations from other bloggers on this site. So I’m posting a few pics with the items. All from either Chewy or Amazon with free shipping. She really needs a collar now with a bell so I can find her more easily and its a total give away when she needs an assist sometimes. Also as an indoor kitty she use to do so much climbing so I have purchase more ground chasing toys. As things get closer to next week when I won’t be supervising 24/7 I am nervous about her trying to get on top of the fridge and places like that, so hoping she will have enough other activities to keep her busy. Normally she will go on the pool deck area every morning and early evening to watch the squirrels and birds, and maybe chase a lizard or two, I may attempt this soon but it’s actually quite cold here at the moment, we’re in Florida so I’m gonna put it off for a bit.

3 thoughts on “Day 9 of Recovery 🤗 and some internet purchases”

  1. LYLA!! YOU ARE ONE LUCKY KITTY!! I’m pretty sure Amazon is goin yo name a warehouse afternoon! Your Mom is a master shopper and has picked out great items for you!!! Everyday is Christmas at your house! Amazon Prime and I are BFF’s too!!

    Yiu are sure a pretty kitty. I love looking at pics of you.❤ You look sooooo content on your window perch.

    So glad things are going well.

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. Wow it’s like the holidays for her! So happy you found things from our TriKitty bloggers that can help her have a more comfy life on three. Let us know how they work out, thanks for sharing.

    That’s such a great pic. She looks so relaxed. I think she’s handling this without a problem, you’ve got one relatively easy recovery there. YAY!

    P.S. What’s “cold” in Florida? I can’t picture it!

    1. Lols😂 anything below 60 degrees is chilly for us 😬.

      I will definitely keep y’all posted on the items she really enjoys and uses. I do feel quite lucky in that her progress seems to be going quite smoothly🤞🏼

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