Day 18 Enjoying Some Freedom

As of yesterday Lyla was able to be trusted sleeping where she wants with only A few restricted areas. Until about day 16 she still needed some supervision as the incision scabs were starting to itch her I think. She is using her ramp to get up onto the bed alone and some of her steps. I had to work for a little bit Friday and left her in the room with the baby monitor app keeping an eye on her and she basically slept the whole time. She’s getting a smaller dose of the gabapentin twice a day until Tuesday and then I think we’re done unless we see any signs of pain.

I think she is happy to get back into her usual routine a bit more. Besides being a tripod, the biggest changes now are the different litter boxes and she will always be wearing a bell collar to locate her more easily….and of course from here on out trying to prevent her from thinking she can jump up onto kitchen counters and things that are too high, it seems the world for rear amputees is very different than front. She is a little bit more clingy than she ever was before at the moment, she has always been a fairly independent cat and we’ll see if she get some of that back.

3 thoughts on “Day 18 Enjoying Some Freedom”

  1. Oh with a look like that I have a feeling it won’t be long before that independence comes charging through the door.

    LOVE her kitty bed. Did someone hand make that?

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